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Robert's new solo CD
"The World on Seven Strings"
is now available!!!
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Aquarela Do Brasil Gracias a la Vida Trio Da Viola Beira Mar Brasil - Sonho Meu
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The World on Seven Strings
released May 2010

Robert's most diverse solo recording to date, with music from 11 different countries sung in seven languages, plus 3 original tunes. This CD has been featured on KARE11's Showcase Minnesota, Minnesota Public Radio,
KFAI and KBEM radio.

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Robert Everest: The World on Seven Strings

1. Soledad - Carlos Gardel, Alfredo Le Pera
2. Sous le Ciel de Paris - Hubert Giraud, Jean Dréjac
3. O Bêbado e a Equilibrista - João Bosco, Aldir Blanc
4. Barba Yanni - Stelios Kazantzidis
5. È Mezzanotte - Joe Sentieri
6. Luna de Xelajú - Paco Perez
7. Antonella, La Più Bella - Robert Everest
8. Recuerdos de la Alhambra - Francisco Tarrega
9. Aguas de Março - Antonio Carlos Jobim
10. Quante Stelle nel Cielo con la Luna - Lucilla Galeazzi
11. Malagueña Salerosa - Elpidio Ramírez, Pedro Galindo
12. Monsieur Pachá - Robert Everest
13. Costa Nova - Robert Everest
14. Mackie Messer - Bertoldt Brecht, Kurt Weill
15. El Breve Espacio en que no Estás - Pablo Milanés
16. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Paul Simon

"The World on Seven Strings," a new CD by guitarist/singer
and Brazil nut Robert Everest, is his most expansive and
pan-global effort yet, with gems from Argentina, France, Italy,
Greece, Guatemala, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil of course and
even "Mack the Knife" in the original German, plus songs he
composed in Togo and Portugal _ heck, it should come with
frequent-flier miles. A celebration of Everest's love affair with
the "extra" seventh string on his Brazilian classical guitar..."

~ Minneapolis - St. Paul Star Tribune
The Robert Everest Expedition - 2007

Robert Everest introduces his first all-original CD, with 12 tracks spanning over ten years of songwriting in a wide variety of musical styles, accompanied by Marco Sambrotta, Tony Axtell, Michael Bissonnette, Jocko MacNelly, Andy Artz, Chico Chávez, and Gary Schulte.

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The Robert Everest Expedition: The Robert Everest Expedition

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lyrics from songs on this recording.

Aquarela Do Brasil Aquarela Do Brasil

Aquarela Do Brasil - 2002

Solo Brazilian CD released December, 2002.
Some tunes with just guitar and vocals, others
with supporting instrumentation: percussion,
fretless bass, piano...

"Robert Everest's new CD, Aquarela Do Brasil, is filled with magic. All the colors of Brazil are in these songs, some spirited and passionate, others gentle and peaceful, with a fresh approach to many of the arrangements. Best of all, Robert sings and plays skillfully with his highly versatile vocal range and musical interpretation of these classic Brazilian standards like Lígia and O Barquinho. He will capture you with his velvety tone and smooth Portuguese, and you'll want to listen to and enjoy it again and again."

- jazz vocalist, Lucia Newell

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Click on "clickable" titles to listen to mp3 files:

1. Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
2. Wave (Antônio Carlos Jobim)
3. Papel Machê (João Bosco - Capinam)
4. Coisa Mais Linda
(Carlos Lyra - Vinícius de Moraes)
5. Fotografia (A. C. Jobim)
6. De Conversa Em Conversa
(Lúcio Alves - Haroldo Barbosa)
7. Dom de Iludir (Caetano Veloso)
8. Oceano (Djavan)
9. Romaria (Renato Texeira)
10. Gente Humilde (Chico Buarque)
11. Lígia (A. C. Jobim)
12. Nua (Fernando Gama)
13. Drão (Gilberto Gil)
14. Inutil Paisagem
(A. C. Jobim - Alóysio de Oliveira)
15. O Barquinho
(Roberto Menescal - Ronaldo Bôscoli)
16. Lua e Estrela (Vinícius Cantuária)
17. Samba do Avião (A. C. Jobim)
18. Eu Sei que Vou Te Amar
(A. C. Jobim - Vinícius de Moraes)
19. Aquarela Do Brasil (reprise)

Gracias a la Vida

Gracias a la Vida

Gracias a la Vida - 2001

This highly acclaimed recording features 21 tracks from 14 Latin American countries-guitar & voice only - no overdubs.

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Click on "clickable" titles to listen to mp3 files:

1. Sabor a Mi ( México)
2. Garota de Ipanema (Brazil)
3. La Cumparsita (Uruguay)
4 . Años (Cuba)
5. El Poeta (Argentina)
6. Alma Llanera (Venezuela)
7. Alfonsina y el Mar (Argentina)
8. Cielito Lindo (México)
9. El Picaflor (Bolivia)
10. Bachata Rosa (Dominican Republic)
11. La Maza (Cuba)
12. En Mi Viejo San Juan (Puerto Rico)
13. Mariposita (Ecuador)
14. Si Tu No Estás (Venezuela)
15. La Pollera Colorá (Colombia)
16. No Soy de Aquí, Ni soy de Allá (Argentina)
17. Eu Te Devoro (Brazil)
18. Palomita Guasiruca (Nicaragua)
19. Fina Estampa (Perú)
20. Guantanamera (Cuba)
21. Gracias a la Vida (Chile)

Trio Da Viola

Trio Da Viola

Trio Da Viola, a live recording - 2001

only 200 copies printed - featuring:
Robert - vocals/ guitar
Dave Martin - bass
Ed Haukland - drums

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Listen to tracks :

4. Dança da Solidão
7. O Bébado e a Equilibrista

Note: Though this CD was recorded live, the applause has been edited out due to volume level disparity. The recording quality is also not at the same studio level as the others, as can be heard from the samples.

Beira Mar Brasil - Sonho Meu

Beira Mar Brasil - Sonho Meu

Beira Mar Brasil - Sonho Meu - 2003 Robert's 5-piece Brazilian band , featuring
songs spanning seven decades by some of
Brazil's most appreciated composers.

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Click on titles to hear MP3 files :

1. Mama Africa
2. Sonho Meu
3. Refazenda
4. E Preciso Muito Amor
5. Palco
6. Só Louco
7. Corcovado
8. Xodó
9. Trem Azul
10. Prefixo de Verão
11. O Leãozinho
12. Beira Mar

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